We deliver French lessons from the Wintec Hamilton Campus during each school term (normally 10 weeks). Our classes are limited to a maximum of 15 pupils so you will get the highest level of individual attention from our teachers. They are all selected for their extended knowledge and practice of French so you will learn to speak and understand French.

Why study French?

It's a language spoken by 300 million people worldwide from France to Africa to the Pacific Islands!
Our courses give you 15 hours of small-group tuition with experienced language teachers.
Our evening lessons are held in Hamilton's CBD in modern learning spaces.
Learn and practice French in a highly supportive environment, using accredited teaching and learning materials.
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** Registration for Term 4 - 2021 opened**
Term 4 starts the week of 11th October 2021
We offer five classes:
  • Level 1 - Beginners Class - A1 with Salomé and Estelle
    For people who have never spoken French before or who learned it at a basic level in school.
    Thursday 6.30-8:00pm
    Class opened for registration

  • Level 1 - Beginners Class + (plus) - A1 (second part) with Steve
    For people who have learnt some basic grammar but want to become more confident in using this.
    Thursday 6.30-8:00pm
    Class opened for registration

  • Level 2 - Post Beginners Class - A2 with Isabelle
    For people who can order in a French café/bar or hotel and would like to take their French forward.
    Thursday 6.30-8:00pm
    Class opened for registration

  • Level 3 - Intermediate Course (on Zoom only) - B1 with Steve
    For people who are already confident in using the present and past tenses and would like to extend their knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary.
    This class is offered on Zoom only.
    Tuesday 6.30 - 8.00pm
    Class opened for registration

  • Level 3 - Conversation Class with Angélique
    For people who can hold a conversation in the present and past tense and would like to practise their spoken French at a higher level.
    Thursday 6.30-8:00pm
    Class open for registration

  • We also offer:
  • Private Lessons
    For people who want a customised learning program to their needs and desired outcomes. Quality tuition at your own pace, time and with no audience. Private classes can be on Zoom or face to face.
    Open for registration
    For registration, more information or any questions afhclasses@gmail.com
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Not sure what Level you are? Take this test and email your result to us at afhclasses@gmail.com

Course Fee Packages
Class Prices and Packages Fee  
Single Term: Members $250  
Early Bird Single Term: Members $240  
Single Term: Non-members $300  
Two terms or
2 x level 3 classes (Tuesday & Thursday)
with discount 15%:
Private Lessons Prices and Packages    
Level assessment and introduction to teacher
free Register
Single student - 1h class Private tuition
$60 Buy
Single student - 5 classes package (1h class)
$290 Buy
Single student - 10 classes package (1h class)
$550 Buy
Extra student attending - 1h class Private tuition
$40 Buy
Two students attending - 5 classes package (1h class)
$465 Buy
Two students attending - 10 classes package (1h class)
$850 Buy
Text Book + Work Book $79  Buy 

Terms Dates
Term 1 2nd February - 8th April 2021
Term 2 3rd May - 9th July 2021
Term 3 26th July - 1st October 2021
Term 4 11th October - 17th December 2021

Contact details:  afhclasses@gmail.com

Bank details:

Westpac, Alliance Francaise De Hamilton


Address: Wintec Hamilton, Tristram Road, Gate 2, A block on the first floor*

*Please note that while our courses are taught at the Wintec facilities they are not affiliated with Wintec's courses.

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