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Exhibition -  Fibre Connecting People

Yanny Split is a Dutch Immigrant who arrived in New Zealand in 1987. Her exhibition at the Waikato Museum of Art and History has the theme of Fibre Connecting People.

The idea is to connect people born overseas and now live in the Waikato, to present a handmade article make with any fibre or textiles that represent your lives either before or after arriving in New Zealand. It can be knitted, woven, quilting,embroidery, patchwork, felting or any other technique that you can use. It could be an article of clothing, a wall hanging or anything else. It could also be an item of fabric that you treasure and brought here from your home country.

The exhibition will be held at the Waikato Museum of Art and History in Hamilton and the opening will be on the 18th May in 2017.

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