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Hamilton is celebrating this international festival on Sunday, 19th June. There will be free concerts and performances at multiple venues.


Fête de la Musique, World Music Day - is a celebration of music, which was first started in France, but now celebrated throughout the world. It is a free popular fête, open to any participants (amateur or professional), covering all styles of music and played in a cheerful atmosphere. Its purpose is to promote music, especially the performance of music.


The 21st June is the actual international day, but the main events in Hamilton will be on Sunday, 19th June.

Gerry Clark is organizing venues for musicians to play in public, such as Centre place, Civic Square, Westfield Shopping Centre, Victoria St and Hood St cafés and bars etc . Small groups who dont need much room can organize their own place to play.

If you would like to play at our Fête de la Musique, or know anyone else who would like to, please contact Gerry at:

Last year’s Fête was a huge success. It would be fabulous to have even more performers this year, at as many venues as possible.

It is all about the celebration and enjoyment of music.

    Let’s have fun making music together.

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