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A1 Beginner class

Standard Class
This class is suitable for absolute beginners or students having very basic French knowledge.
Please note that to enroll in this course for Term 2 and Term 4, you will need to have completed at least one term of A1.
Pace: Hour and a half

A1+ post beginner class

Standard Class
For people building on the foundations of A1, who have learnt some basic grammar and can manage simple interactions.

Pace: Hour and a half

A2 Post beginner class

Standard Class
For students who can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g: very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
Pace: Hour and a half

B1 Intermediate Class

Standard Class
For students who can already communicate in situations and use simple language to communicate feelings, opinions, plans and experiences.
Pace: Hour and a half

B2 Post intermediate class

Standard Class

For students who start to communicate easily with native French speakers.

Pace: Hour and a half
Advanced Conversation B1+

Advanced Conversation

Conversation Class
For people who can hold a conversation using present, past and future tenses and would like to practice their spoken French.
Pace: Hour and a half
All levels

Fun French

Fun French
This class is for all level students who want to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation while role playing, gaming and interacting with others.
Suitable from absolute beginners to advanced speakers.

Pace: 1 hour

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