Our Teachers

Our team of enthusiastic native French speakers look forward to sharing their language and culture with you in class. Read more about them below, including where they're from and what they do when not teaching French.


Teacher and Class coordinator

Bonjour à tous et toutes ! 

My name is Catherine I am a French teacher and the class coordinator. I am from France, born in Bordeaux, I have studied French literature in Aix-en-Provence and in Paris Sorbonne. I was a French teacher in high school in France for 20 years. I worked in Geneva Switzerland as a foreign language teacher and at the Geneva University.



Bonjour à tous,

My name is Lauren and I come from a small and quiet town near Nantes, in France. I grew up there most of my life, although I travelled a lot for studies.



Bonjour, my name is Salomé. I come from the French town of Le Mans (famous for its motor car race), and have been living in New Zealand for seven years with my French family of four. We initially only came for a year-long visit, but really enjoyed the Kiwi way of life so much that we decided to stay!


Teacher (Children class)

Bonjour, I'm Soléa and I was born and grew up in new Caledonia but moved to Hamilton with my family six years ago. My mum's family lives in Lyon and Annecy in France and my dad's lives in Nouméa and Bourail in New Caledonia. I am passionate about teaching French to children and seeing their progress along each term. I love travelling and speaking differents languages and sharing my experiences with my friends. I am looking forward to teach French all the little ones in my class through songs, games, play and fun activities!


Teacher (Bilingual children class)

Kia Ora and bonjour, My name is Florence. Originally from Corsica (French is my mother tongue though), I have been living in Aotearoa New Zealand for almost 18 years. I was trained as a French and German teacher in England. However, since arriving in Aotearoa, French has been my main focus, teaching in both a small town and a city school.



Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

My name is Élodie. I was born and grew up in Paris but my family is from a very small village in Brittany. I am married to a Kiwi husband and have 3 young children - I make sure they speak French with me!





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