August movie night: Demain

Aug 18, 2023 7:30PM - Aug 18, 2023 9:30PM
Alliance premises, 114 Alexandra Street

Award-winning, globally acclaimed film! Demain, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. What if highlighting solutions and telling positive stories was the best way to solve the ecological, economic, and social problems our countries are grappling with? In 2012, French writer/activist Cyril Dion learned about a study carried out by twenty-two scientists from around the world that forecasts the extinction of multiple forms of life, and possibly a large part of humanity, by the year 2100. This news barely received any media coverage at all. Convinced that spreading catastrophic news is not effective, Dion decided to explore, along with actress and director Mélanie Laurent and a small film crew, what our world could look like if we brought together some of the best solutions to date in agriculture, energy, economics, education, and democracy. What they found were men and women changing the world: cities that produce their own food and energy, zero-waste systems, businesspeople and towns creating their own currency to prevent speculation and the appropriation of wealth, citizens rewriting their own constitution, and pioneering educational systems. ***

  • Movie nights are free and for members only.
  • Registration is required as seats are limited.
  • French lollies and biscuits will be proposed for sale (bring your coins).

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