Alliance Francaise Hamilton AGM 2022

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Believe it or not, we have reached that time of year again!  It is our great pleasure that this year we can hold the Alliance Francaise Hamilton Annual General Meeting face to face instead of on Zoom!  We are hoping many of you will be able to join us, since we have scheduled the AGM at the time we would normally be having our monthly French Breakfast.  Don't worry, there will be extra special festive pastries and coffee so you won't miss out on breakfast!

We need to hold our Annual General Meeting to comply with the terms of our Constitution and Charities’ Commission requirements. More than that, it is also the opportunity to share the achievements and challenges of the year when we report back to members, to explain the Committee's hopes and aspirations for the future, to get your feedback, and to seek approval for future actions we would like to take to help the Alliance grow to new heights following a challenging couple of years with Covid.

You may have noticed a greater variety of events and activities this year, ranging from film evenings and the French Film Festival to a fantastic Macaron cooking competition, the Bastille Day ball, a New Caledonia Festival, a French concert pianist on tour, even a rugby fan date for the Women's World Cup France-NZ game! Behind the scenes there has been a lot of activity going on with the development and implementation of our new website, and other projects we will share with you at the AGM.

We have been working on strengthening relationships with other Alliances, and our aim is to build the profile of Alliance Francaise Hamilton as the natural home for French, Francophone and Francophile people in the Waikato. There are exciting opportunities to reach out and create new links while continuing to provide a wide range of activities, and of course our language classes.

The Alliance is only as strong as its members, and the people who roll up their sleeves to help organise things. Our President Andrea Haines is standing down this year, after three years of dedicated service to keep the Alliance flag flying during a very difficult period. We thank her for her dedication!

The current Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members are willing to continue in their roles next year, and we do have an experienced Committee member willing to stand for President. However all positions are open for election every year, and we invite everyone interested to participate and put their name forward.  Nominations are now open for our Officers and Committee, and an election will be held for any position with more than one candidate.

If you have enjoyed the range of activities on offer, or you have great ideas for what else we could be doing, why not join the Committee as a regular Committee member?  

Particular responsibilities are assigned taking account of capability, interest and availability and the Committee has been able to flexibly adjust and support each other during the year so Committee members contribute when they can, but other people have been able to take up the load in busy times. Many hands make light work, and fresh ideas brighten things up!  

Please do think seriously about joining the Committee, and if you would like more information about what is involved please email alliancefrancaisehamilton@gmail.com, or reach out to an existing Committee member for more information.

Click here for the nomination form and to view Officer and Committee job descriptions.  Please email your nominations to alliancefrancaisehamilton@gmail.com by 5pm on Monday 28 November 2022.

Catherine Neazor Brady

To vote you must be a financial member or life member of Alliance Francaise de Hamilton Incorporated, and you will need to register for the Event on the website to make sure you are emailed out the documents in advance.

We'll email you again with more information about what will be on the agenda but it will include an overview of the year's activities, a financial report and an opportunity for you to contribute feedback and  suggestions for 2023.  

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